A database for studying racial bias in face recognition

The RFW dataset is available to download for non-commercial/research purposes.
A complete version of the license can be found here.

Please cite the following if you make use of the dataset.
[1] Mei Wang, Weihong Deng, Jiani Hu, Jianteng Peng, Xunqiang Tao, Yaohai Huang. Racial Faces in-the-Wild: Reducing Racial Bias by Deep Unsupervised Domain Adaptation. arXiv:1812.00194
Bibtex | Abstract | PDF
[2] Mei Wang, Weihong Deng, Deep face recognition: A Survey. arXiv:1804.06655
Bibtex | Abstract | PDF

Please contact Mei Wang and Weihong Deng for questions about the database.